'The Trainline' Predicts When Train Ticket Prices Will Increase

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: itunes.apple & engadget
When properly analyzed, big data can reveal a wealth of valuable information, and 'The Trainline' app has a new feature that helps people to make sense of the noise for part of their everyday lives. The app analyzes patterns in travel to predict when the prices of train tickets will rise and fall, helping commuters and travelers to save money on the rails.

The Trainline's new Price Prediction tool uses data collected from the app to give users a broad idea of when prices will rise. Data scientists working for The Trainline have been able to train algorithms to make those predictions by combing through billions of customer journeys carried out through the app. With 10 million users across the UK, The Trainline certainly has enough raw data to dig from.