- May 26, 2018
Younger generations play an influential role in informing the future of fashion, technology and culture, and this list of May 2018 youth trends speak to some of these emerging interests.

Repeated throughout this list are examples of forward-thinking fashion lines that offer younger people the same range of diverse styles that's offered to older generations. Examples of this include street wear-inspired youth lines like Loow Fat Kids or Kevin Lyons' New Line with CLOT. Both collections prioritize self-expression, and provide kids and teens with the opportunity to dress a little more adventurously, while still remaining age appropriate.

Kids and teenagers are eager to support social causes and brands like Vogue are giving them the platform to do so with the Teen Vogue Summit -- a three-day event which invites politicians and activists to discuss matters that are relevant to those under 20 years of age. This event offers teens a platform to educate and support one another, while speaking to the pivotal role that the generation plays in society.

From Political Teen Summits to Hip Hop-Inspired Streetwear: