From Boutique Gym Memberships to Branded Workout Challenges

 - May 31, 2015
These May 2015 sports trends range from boutique gym memberships to branded workout challenges that connect athletes with paralleled interests. As consumers' need for health and wellness continues to evolve, sportswear manufacturers are recognizing the importance of customization and exclusivity. While Nike's Nike Training Club (NTC) community has connected fitness enthusiasts with others who share similar interests, Adidas' celebrity and designer collaborations have garnered the company a myriad of new fans.

Moreover, the rising popularity of boutique gyms and niche workout classes with a hip-hop twist make staying in shape fun and even luxurious for those who aren't keen on traditional exercise routines.

When it comes to the month's marketing strategies, a focus on relatable themes is prevalent. From athlete idol commercials to print ads that encourage everyone to get active, these May 2015 sports trends encourage individuals to achieve their personal best and to set attainable goals.