- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 shoe trends are comprised of a broad range of design concepts that come together to either promote awareness, environmentally friendly construction, creative experimentation, and more. There are collaborative efforts that draw in the talents of those from different industries, infusing their design language to different footwear silhouettes for the season.

This month is also Pride month and many brands are bringing awareness and promoting the community in a positive light. Converse is one of the brands that contributed to the initiative with its 'Pride Pack,' complete with bright and glittery designs adorning familiar silhouettes. There are bolt and rainbow motifs and color palettes that are further emphasized with glittery finishes to promote self-expression.

Hip hop artist Vic Mensa recently designed his own collection of footwear as well, working in collaboration with Wolverine to create a 1000 Mile Combat capsule. He incorporates his own style and informs the silhouettes with punk sensibilities, ultimately resulting in a series of boot-inspired sneakers.

From Charitable Boot-Inspired Sneakers to Sparkling Pride Shoes: