From Gothic Gowns to Mouse Ear Headbands

 - Oct 17, 2011
As one of the most prominent and respected fashion houses in the world, Givenchy has certainly made a name for itself all over the globe. The elegant and iconic French fashion house is known for producing some of the most controversial and provocative designs in the industry.

The brand's current designer and creative director, Riccardo Tisci, has elevated the house of Givenchy to powerhouse status. Not only is the Givenchy couture show always one of the most stunning and mind-blowing presentations of the week, but Tisci's designs are a permanent fixture in high fashion magazine editorials because of how beautifully they shoot.

Givenchy is synonymous with elegance and risk-taking, and is certainly one of the reasons that Paris is considered the most fashionable city in the world.