Numero Homme S/S '11 Greg Kadel Photo Shoot Makes a Gender-Mixed Statement

Due to the current popularity of androgyny in the fashion world, it’s often difficult to tell models apart; if you look closely at Greg Kadel’s latest work in the Numéro Homme Spring Summer 2011 issue, Androgyny Guard, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Kasia Struss, Jaco Van Den Hoven and Jacob Dekat unite for the editorial in Givenchy and Burberry Prorsum outfits to make a punk-inspired unisex statement. The collection is definitely suitable for either sex, and between the fashion and the models, viewers are sure to go gender-blind.

The unisex statement in this editorial is made possible through the styling by Charles Varenne, hair by Cim Mahoney, casting by Natalie Joos and makeup by Mariel Barrera.