- Jul 5, 2014
Aside from warm weather, the best thing about summer is enjoying frozen summer treats to cool down and please your palate. Icy desserts often have a nostalgic feel, but the people who make them are continuing to test boundaries by creating new flavors and mixing surprising ingredients. By adding the ice cold element, these recipes become ideal for the season.

Unusual ice cream flavors are just one segment of frozen summer treats, such as the imperial-inspired, vegetable themed and spicy. Adding booze to a standard milkshake or doing the reverse by using alcohol in a solid food is another way to go. This can be seen in boozy coconut popsicles or beer slushies, to name a few. Freezing other favorite summer desserts like s'mores is a different but equally delicious method of enjoying frozen summer treats.

From Spiced Chocolate-Covered Bananas to Intoxicating Cocktail Milkshakes: