Charles Phoenix's Strawberry Blast-Off Cake is Pretty in Pink

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: charlesphoenix & laughingsquid
For the Fourth of July, humorist Charles Phoenix has created an easy DIY recipe for a 'Strawberry Blast-Off Cake.' This delectably pink confection is dead easy to create, consisting of ingredients that can all be store-bought and frozen beforehand.

The patriotic baker begins with a simple strawberry cake mix. Once the cake has been created, it can be topped with Sara Lee cream cheese icing. However, what makes this cake special are its toppings. Charles Phoenix skewered strawberries onto large toothpicks topped with tiny American flags. These patriotic colors, combined with the pinkish hue of the cake, makes for a delicious and festive baked good.

Charles Phoenix created this recipe to help out unexperienced bakers who might not know how to use fondant or create hidden messages within the cake's layers. This recipe's simplicity is offset by its flashy appearance, making it the perfect dessert for July 4th festivities.