The 'So How's It Taste' Key Lime Dessert is a Refreshing Way to End a Meal

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: sohowsittaste
This 'So How's It Taste' key lime dessert is a creamy and tart slice of heaven. Using traditional key lime pie coated in a layer of smooth and savory chocolate, this dessert has just been made even more epic, if that's even possible.

While a majority of individuals would suggest that chocolate and lime are not a good pairing, once their taste buds get a hold of this key lime dessert they will think differently. Despite being frozen, these treats won't result in a rock solid popsicle that threatens your teeth. In the place of that, dessert lovers will get to enjoy a crunchy layer of chocolate atop a smooth and tangy lime mixture.

For the perfectionist or baker who is all about the presentation of their creations, this pie-inspired dessert can be cut in the shape of a slice of pie. Delicious and aesthetically pleasing, what could be better?