From Raw Carrot Cakes to Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

 - May 15, 2015
These vegan dessert recipes range from raw carrot cakes to frozen treats that are completely dairy-free. Whether adhering to a strict diet or looking for healthier snacking alternatives, these easy and delicious desserts are a guilt-free choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Fans of tasty donuts can re-create a myriad of dairy-filled flavors with Fall for DIY's custom recipe. The lifestyle blog's vegan dessert tutorial blends taste with nutrition and shows readers how to create a healthy version of their favorite sugary snack.

Those with an appreciation for raw carrot cake and diet-conscious banana bread can take baking cues from chef Kris Carr and the blog of lifestyle brand Free People. Appealing to health buffs, these vegan dessert recipes prove that one can indulge without the added guilt.