From Worn Leather Loafers to Charitable Eco Labels

 - Jun 22, 2011
Ethical fashion choices can range from a relatively obscure eco boutique to large collaborations between charities and multinational corporations to the ever popular TOMS Shoes. It all depends on what you think an ethical way to give is -- and essentially, what ethical means to you.

This list also has a spectrum of wearability. Some of these clothing trends are basic and simple -- fashion that anyone can throw on -- and others are pieces that have been displayed in museums and on haute couture runways. Nevertheless, they all have something in common: they try to do good in some form or another.

These ethical fashion choices include everything eco, organic, recycled, fair trade, animal-friendly, environment-friendly and sustainable clothing products. Maybe they'll inspire you to make different consumer choices, or maybe, you'll bust out your old magazines, cut them up, and make a brand spankin' new upcycled dress.