The Oliberte MAGADO and NAVIRO Shoes are Made in Ethiopia

 - May 27, 2011
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As the summer rolls in, the release of the Oliberté MAGADO and NAVIRO shoes are a welcome addition to the warmer months. Oliberté is a socially-conscious footwear company that manufactures laid-back shoes like loafers, deck shoes and sneakers in various African countries.

Despite the social mission to help build a middle class in Africa, Oliberté knows that as a sustainable business it can't thrive on social good alone -- its kicks, including the new Oliberté MAGADO and NAVIRO are appealing to à la mode city slickers like the Hypebeast crowd. Oliberté's summer styles juxtapose typically fall colors and materials -- namely brown, tan, black sheen, navy blue, dark grey, brown, Nubuck and vegetable tanned leather -- with sun-filled nautical wear that won't have anyone kicking rocks.

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