Ethical Fashion Day

 - Nov 17, 2008   Updated: Aug 3 2011
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The Victoria and Albert Museum took Swishing--the practice of exhanging chic fashions with friends--to a higher level. Stylists were invited to help the fashion swappers get their best look.

To also help celebrate Ethical Fashion Day, Cut and Sew construction workshops were conducted to help the cheap chic attendees get new life out of old clothes. The day was dedicated to making wise fashion choices and practicing the practical, ethical fashion model.

Implications - With the recent downturn in the economy, there has been an increased focus on cost-effective ways for consumers to stay fashionable. A company can capitalize on this by creating a classy limited edition line that is mid-priced, or offering ways for consumers to get new life out of old gear. This shows a company commitment to staying connected with consumers, while acknowledging the complexities of the recession.