Cases of e-Business, from Online Contests to Crowdsourced Commercials

 - Oct 29, 2009   Updated: Jun 20 2011
No matter what business you're in, having an online presence is absolutely imperative in this day and age. While e-Commerce innovations include having an online store or website, it's also useful to incorporate social media and new platforms into your business plan to really engage today's digital consumer. From crowdsourced fashion design to online business cards, here are some of the most creative ways of doing e-business.

Implications - With the majority of consumers well accustomed to social media and its various elements, it is imperative that a corporation have itself embedded in all areas exposed to the public. Social media is a massive public arena in which businesses have the potential to reveal itself, its products and its ideas to consumers. A business that is active on all channels of social media will likely attract more consumers.