Consumers Evaluate Businesses Based On Company News

 - Feb 26, 2007
References: dotherightthing &
IKEA will charge customers 5 cents/ plastic bag. Is IKEA "doing the right thing?" Interactive readers at, a Web 2.0 site where people can "evaluate" companies based on company news, think "yes". They give this story a rating based on it's positive or negative impact. Currently, its showing a 2.2 positive impact rating.

This is how it works: members suggest stories, and the community rates the positive or negative impact of the story on society. This "social performance rating" becomes a parameter of evaluating the company. The focus here is not just on "bottom-line," but on the impact that the companies being examined create on the society. So it seems that by way of the people will Conscious Capitalism be ushered in!

I like the idea. It is:

1/ participative and democratic
2/ a practical way of evaluating companies: based on news, not promises and forecasts
3/ a small way to influence the big corp
4/ cool to interact with. I haven't yet signed-up, but I am tempted. Again - one of those cool, clean, cheerful yet serious Web 2.0 sites that I love!