- Jun 10, 2008
References: mysaasbiz
The advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'Sass') is making the emergence of a completely new type of business opportunity possible for entrepreneurs: the Micro-SaaS. A Micro-SaaS is a software organization, usually run by a single person, that delivers a service over the Internet to address a niche market that has a relatively limited number of potential users. The service is basically a packaging of valuable knowledge that is sold over the Internet. It can take the form of an evaluation, diagnosis or analysis based on information entered into the system, or the provision of a methodology to help accomplish a specific goal, or access to a database of valuable and hard to come by information.

Why now? There are two factors that make this possible: firstly, the advent of complete computing platforms that eliminate of the need to procure, implement and support hardware and software, thereby making the deployment of software much less costly and time-consuming; and secondly, the emergence of powerful new application development environments built into these platforms that dramatically speed up software development, thereby significantly reducing the cost of developing, maintaining, customizing and enhancing the software.

These are early days for the Micro-SaaS. But as cloud computing continues to grow, the Micro-SaaS promises to be a fertile new opportunity for any budding entrepreneur.

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