Marketing With Customized Chocolate

 - Apr 15, 2007
References: mymms & masterfoodsnews
If having a chocolate business card wasn’t enough, now you can customize your own M&Ms;.

The new marketing scheme allows you to reach clients, employees, customers, or loved ones in a whole new way. Replacing the regular "m" logo is your personalized image.

There are 21 colours to choose from, so choosing your company’s hues ads can add even more emphasis on your brand. Think yellow for UPS, red for Staple’s or green for Starbucks.

Smart marketers will print their logos on the red ones—that ensures maximum exposure for those confused by the infamous Smartie’s jingle ("When I eat my Smarties, I eat the red ones last.")

Their website makes it a breeze too. It lets your select colour, text you want printed, and even lets you upload images like your company logo. Have them printed for special occasions like birthdays, a new baby (baby blue or pink), Christmas (green and red), Hallowe’en (orange, black and brown), or Valentines (red, white and pink).

They would be the ultimate party favors too; imagine white, grey and black ones printed with "New Years 2008."

It could also be another cheesy method of marriage proposal. Just makes sure she looks before stuffing a handful of M&Ms;in her mouth—she just might miss that special white one you had, "Will You Marry Me?" printed on.