From Chocolately Smartphone Covers to Chocofied Bonbon Baking

 - Jul 30, 2012
These M&M delights are sure to make you crave chocolate -- immediately. Whether they be peanut, pretzel, dark or milk, M&M's have made their way into our mouths, stomaches and hearts.

If you've ever been to the M&M store in NYC's Time Square, you'll know that just about anything can be M&M-ified. Earbuds, clothing, shoes, bedding and any food product are all up for grabs. The inventive recipes using M&Ms are extensive and give some awesome ideas for neat new ways to incorporate the delicious snack into your food.

A delightful dessert product, M&Ms offer a sweet chocolate interior and a hard candy exterior. The perfect satisfaction to any chocolately cravings, M&M delights are a fun snack that offer a lot of wacky and sweet possibilities.