The NASA Space-Themed M & M's are Out of This World

 - Jul 21, 2011
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To commemorate America's final shuttle launch on July 8th 2011, Mars Chocolate North America created the official NASA space-themed M & M's. The milk-chocolate treats have been traveling on NASA's spaceships since the first mission in 1981, aboard the Columbia shuttle. Having been a part of space crews' diets for over 130 missions, M & Ms can very well be these individuals' favorite treat. While one side of the commemorative candies still bears the company's trademark logo, the other features one of three designs -- a small space shuttle sketch, "July 8th, 2001," or "3... 2... 1... Lift Off!"

The red, white and blue NASA space-themed M&M's have not been made available to the public, but it seems likely they'll be brought out in the future as a collector's item. The special edition candies are a simple and sweet thank-you to the space program and crew for all they've done in the last few decades.