M&Ms Premiums

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: seriouseats & uniquedaily
We’ve seen luxury candy before, but this might be one of the first examples of a well known consumer label that is adding a more prestige product line.

I hate M&M’s, and I am pretty darn sure I will also hate posh M&M’s. But that alone is not a reason to avoid spreading the news; the idea is quite interesting.

The new line, called M&M’s Premiums, is about to be launched to "attract a young, fashion-conscious consumer to the product." The launch campaign will appear product placement at New York Fashion Week next month.

So why are they different, what makes them better? Well, they are made from an entirely different chocolate recipe and sport a speckled metallic skin instead of the bright colours that we are more used to. Apparently this also means there’s no crunch, just an exterior sheen.