All Green M&Ms

 - Jan 23, 2008
References: us.mms
Companies all over the world are leveraging whatever green traits their product or service can offer, and now, so is a famous candy brand... just not in the way you'd think. Nope, the Valentines campaign has nothing to do with being environmentally friendly, instead, it has to do with sex.

The old legend that green M&Ms are supposed to be an aphrodisiac is being used as a marketing angle in time for Valentines Day. Mars, the company behind the candy-coated, bite-sized chocolates is preparing to release a line of all green M&Ms, packaged in what else, bright green bags.

At least it's a unique angle. Most candy companies release Valentines-themed goodies in red, pink and white packaging, so these will stand out from the rest.

The only thing I want to know is how you explain that one to the kids! I guess you could just say they're pushing St. Patrick's Day marketing a month early...