From Alcohol-Soaked Treats to Private Part Pastries

 - Dec 25, 2011
In the spirit of the holidays, this gallery of adorable cupcake creations is sure to get you in the mood for some yummy, sugary treats.

From festive, holiday-inspired confections to Angry Birds-themed cupcakes, there seems to be a cupcake for everything you can possibly think of. Whether you want to shock your party guests with cupcakes that resemble female body parts or tug at their heart strings with impossibly cute princess cakes, this gallery of cupcake creations has something that everyone can enjoy.

If you think that cupcakes are too girly and sweet for your tastes, then perhaps you'd prefer alcohol-soaked treats or maybe you want to sprinkle the icing with some bacon bits.

When it comes to adorable cupcake creations, anything goes.