'Cupcake Project' Creates Angel Food Cupcakes That are as Good as Gold

Feast your eyes on this very literal rendition of Angel Food Cupcakes. These heavenly confections were created by the fabulous foodie from Cupcake Project who, by her own admission, made these as an excuse to use her new angle wing cookie cutters. These petite airy sponge cakes are topped with melt-in-your mouth vanilla whipped cream frosting and crowned with two golden sugar cookie wings.

Although the likelihood of these fluffy treats becoming airborne is nil, don't expect these puppies to stick around. This batch of heaven-sent cakes are sure to pique the interest of cupcake enthusiasts everywhere, and with the holidays just around the corner the Cupcake Project has given one more sweet reason to invest in a set of angel wing cookie cutters.

As sugary sweet as their sentiment, the Angel Food Cupcakes will have you singing praises to the cupcake Gods right down to the last crumb.