These Nyan Cat Cupcakes Bring Smiles and Rainbows With Each Bite

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: instructables
Instructables user nhathy has managed to make the ultimate treat for the YouTube video sensation Nyan Cat with these Nyan Cat Cupcakes.

The Nyan Cat Cupcakes are designed to look exactly like the 8-bit YouTube hit. Complete with a rainbow to back up the pop tart cat, these cupcakes are the perfect homage. nhathy used a white cake recipe and then proceeded to tint the batter with dye to create these scrumptious desserts. The results? An awesome rainbow stream to follow behind Nyan Cat. As well, nhathy used cookies to act as the pop tart and fondant to create the feline. With an addition of a Chesire catlike smile, these Nyan Cat Cupcakes are the spitting image of the furry meme.