The Chocolate Smores Cupcake Offers the Best of Both Desserts

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Treats to indulge in around the campfire are a necessity for any outdoor summer excursion and the Chocolate Smores Cupcake recipe offers a unique twist to the classic goodie. The Chocolate Smores Cupcake combines the irresistible flavor and texture of a chocolate cupcake, with the sweetness of marshmallows and the crunch of graham crackers.

The actual cupcake itself is chocolate flavored, made with real Hershey's Milk chocolate and topped with a marshmallow-flavored icing. Each cupcake is decorated with a piece of Hershey chocolate, a square of graham cracker and then blown with a kitchen torch to give it that toasted effect. The Chocolate Smores Cupcake recipe might just be my favorite campfire hybrid treat yet!

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