Play the Cup Cake Guitar with Tasty Emotion

 - Nov 6, 2011
References: etsy & stuff.icanhascheezburger
Some of the most elaborate guitars take on the form of angels, devils and guns; however, if you're looking for something a little sweeter with a culinary twist, check out the Cup Cake Guitar by Paul Celentano.

The delicious looking Cup Cake Guitar is a customized anthem-rocking axe built for those with a sweet tooth. The main body has been shaped just like a cupcake with yellow and pink colors that make this axe look good enough to eat. Look closely at the fret boards and you'll notice the fret dots have been replaced with cherries in keeping with the culinary theme.

In addition to the Cup Cake Guitar, Celentano has built other guitars in a variety of shapes and forms. He also takes requests if you want something personally customized.