The Cupcake Menorah Will Make This Hanukkah Irresistibly Delicious

The clever food blogger Tori Avey from the delicious blog The Shiska in the Kitchen whipped up this innovative Cupcake Menorah in honor of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is not far away and people everywhere are dusting off their menorah and setting them in their usual place of honor. This year why not switch things up a bit and make the traditional holiday a touch more delicious with this edible version of the classic menorah.

Cupcake lovers everywhere will get a kick out of this delicious festive offering. Eye-catching and easy to assemble, there is really no reason you can't pull off this Cupcake Menorah this year. Get your tots in on the action and have a blast crafting the blazing confectionery centerpiece.

Sure to have your guests begging to know how you did it, this Cupcake Menorah is the tastiest way to celebrate Hanukkah.