These Shirley Temple Cupcakes Take You on a Trip Down Memory Lane

The drink of choice for seven year olds everywhere has been transformed into these adorable ultra girly Shirley Temple cupcakes. The handiwork of food blogger Carol Kicinski from the drool-worthy blog 'Simply... Gluten-Free,' these playfully pink cups of cake are, like the title of the blog suggests, completely gluten-free.

Comprised of golden 7 Up cupcakes spiked with maraschino cherry syrup, these gorgeous confections are topped with a blushingly pink dollop of maraschino cherry buttercream. Accented with one final glossy violently red cherry and you and these petite cakes are off to the races. These darling two-toned cupcakes are sure to make a flirty addition to any get-together. Enjoy a sumptuous dessert and a casual stroll down memory lane all in one.

These endearing Shirley Temple Cupcakes are a vision in pink making them both a fest for the eyes and your very lucky palette.