The Cupcake Project Adorns Her Macaroon Cupcake with Petit Macaroons

 - Oct 18, 2011
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These Macaroon Cupcakes from Cupcake Project may just be the most darling petite cakes around. As a way to symbolize the passing of the confectionery crown, the Cupcake Project created these cups of cake as a way to bid farewell to the long reigning dessert champion known as cupcakes and to welcome macaroons, the victorious challenger, into their new place in the sun. I doubt cupcake aficionados will be abandoning their cupful of pleasure anytime soon, but macaroons have certainly been gathering speed and gaining boatloads of new fans.

What is remarkable about these cupcakes is their gorgeous halo of mini macaroons. Macaroons are finicky in the first place, making them miniature can't be easy. Using autumn leaves as inspiration for the cakes' color palette, these angle food numbers are topped with salted caramel icing and tiny pumpkin spice macaroons with a caramel chocolate ganache.

Adorable beyond all reason and ridiculously decadent, these Macaroon Cupcakes are sure to plaster a stupefied grin on your face with just one bite.