These Penguin Cupcakes are Wonderfully Adorable

If the thought of the impending winter season makes you frown, these adorable Penguin Cupcakes are sure to perk you up. Found on the impeccable blog Food & Femininity, these darling cakes are all decked out with a sweet winter theme. Modeled after the snow-loving penguin, these treats make the winter something to look forward to.

Adorned with Oreos, shredded coconut and pearly white sprinkles, these cakes are one with their Arctic doppelgangers. A gorgeously moist dark chocolate topped with decadent marshmallow cream and Oreo cookies, what's not love about these confections? These tasty numbers are the very definition of delicious.

Sure to chase the winter blues away and make you look forward to the first snow of the season, these Penguin Cupcakes are as much fun to look at as they are to eat.