From Stuffed Cinnamon Donuts to Sugary Brioche Cronuts

 - May 27, 2014
Created by Dominique Ansell, the cronut (a hybrid of croissant donuts) is an epic dessert introduced last year. The pastry is often combined with other foods, making it even more of a hybrid. This can result in confectionary perfection or savoury glutton, but either way it is usually delicious. Given the cronut's rise in popularity, it has sparked numerous donut-themed mixtures.

With other options like cream coated cronuts, chocolate-flavored bacon cronuts and donut-tart hybrid desserts, the mashup possibilities are endless. Similar to the bacon cronuts, other meat-stuffed celebration desserts have popped up. This includes a cronut burger found on America's west coast. Nutella cronut holes have also surfaced, from the cronut creator no less, to celebrate the hazelnut spread's 50th anniversary.