Chef Thiago Silva Combined Two Popular Flakey Pastries into a Hybrid Treat

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: instagram & foodiggity
New York-based Chef Thiago Silva has created the ultimate cinnamon donut that literally places a whole cinnamon roll directly inside a flakey donut. This dessert hybrid cleverly brings together two popular treats without compromising the aesthetic or taste of either.

Usually a cinnamon donut might call to mind a donut that is infused with the popular autumnal spice, however this dessert actually incorporates a full cinnamon bun into a donut by stuffing the pastry directly inside the donut. The pastry captures the best of both worlds with a cinnamon glazed bun coiled inside and a flaky donut on the outside.The cinnamon donut is still in its trial stages, but it could very well be the next Cronut with its hybrid flavor design.