From Inner Beauty Branding to Furlable Flap Wrappers

 - Jul 27, 2013
Sweets and pastry producers have long used friendly characters and vibrant colors for their confectionery branding. However, branding experts have stepped the packaging up a notch in an effort differentiate in a crowded market. Designers and marketers have come with distinct and striking packaging designs to attract consumers. This list contains strange and quirky examples of attention-grabbing packaging.

With the aim of going one step further with eye-catching colors and friendly designs, many products are employing exaggerated caricatures to brand themselves. Products like bear-faced candy branding uses an entire box as a minimalist representation of a cute bear.

Another strategy for standing out includes uniquely shaped packaging. Things like stovetop-inspired cookie boxes work to surprise and delight consumers by being strange and relevant. Other packaging like the furlable flap wrappers integrate functionality and convenience into their peculiar designs.