The Twinkies Redesign Excites the Imagination and the Sweet Tooth

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: cristinacastrocreative & thedieline
The enticing Twinkies Redesign paints a scrumptious picture of a fantasy land in which cakes are as large as cars and even delicious-sounding words can be tasted. This bold and mouthwatering packaging project would be Hostess's attempt to rebrand the beloved line of sweet snacks. The creative Cristina Castro certainly makes it work a treat.

The cartons and pouches that enclose the cupcakes, donuts and truffles have been covered in a bright sky blue and kept free of borders and any restrictive formatting. Handwritten text is scrawled loosely across the wrappers in various colors and sizes, serving to describe the contents of each package.

Illustrations of fluffy clouds, sugar-coated lips and active cartoon characters communicate significant messages behind the Twinkies Redesign. Lightness, sweetness and health are promoted to accompany the scaled-down serving sizes.