From Candy Colored Loungers to Sci-Fi Seating

 - Feb 1, 2012
From luxurious logo loungers to amphibian-inspired furniture, these cleverly designed chairs are both aesthetically intriguing and fun-infused. These cool furnishings dare to be different, employing unconventional materials and construction methods or paying tribute to pop-culture iconography.

From sci-fi seats to book publisher tributes, these chairs are witty and dynamic in their design: sure to serve as a focal point within any interior space. Whether a complex conceptual accent piece or a humorous novelty item, these furniture pieces always stand apart from the crowd.

From beachside and scholarly seating to cracker-made chairs, industrial design is taken to new heights with these bold and functional pieces that are not only undeniably cool but also fully functional. Whether a lover of cool design or pop culture novelties, one cannot go wrong with these fun-filled and cleverly designed chairs.