The Ampersand Chair Has Furniture Owners Sitting on And Signs

 - Nov 27, 2011
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The Ampersand Chair may not look comfy to sit on, but I'm sure the amount of conversations it starts more than makes up for its lack of ergonomics.

Fashioned by Turner Custom Furniture, the Ampersand Chair mimics the shape of the popular shorthand logogram that denotes the word "and." It was about time people incorporated the ampersand into furniture, since the ligature's ornate look has always been the most fanciful of all typographic grammar symbols.

The Ampersand Chair was designed by Tom O’ Callaghan and Doug Turner and then engineered and fabricated by Doug Turner and Stephen Evans. That's quite the effort put into a chair that's not even being sold anywhere. Instead, it acts as a showpiece demonstrating Turner Custom Furniture's capabilities as furniture manufacturers.