Noam Fass Designs a Modular Communication Seating System

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: design-milk
Jerusalem-based product designer Noam Fass is the designer behind this creative seating system, which was made to always keep you connected. The seats are fully functional and can be attached and reattached in a multitude of ways. Three different modes of seating are possible: a chaise mode that allows for full interaction with laptops or any sort of electronics, a seat mode that allows for interaction with another person, and a social mode that allows up to four people to interact.

The seats also hook up to create a comfortable chaise, couch or lounge if you are just looking to relax. The highly functional seat is perfect for anyone looking for a convertible chair that can be used to seat up to four comfortably. This modern design would be not only be great for at-home use but would also be especially useful for building lounges and university study rooms.