The Sofa Outdoor Bench Seems to Melt Beneath the Summer Sun

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: tembolat
There must be great differences between the sorts of furniture you can put inside versus the pieces that can withstand the more extreme conditions of weather's wear and tear outside. The Sofa Outdoor Bench playfully demonstrates the idea of structural durability though its sculptural reference to a button upholstered chesterfield which is frozen in a deteriorating state.

The Tembolat Gugkaev couch is actually made of fiberglass and carbon, painted in any possible color and almost entirely unaffected by water, cold, heat and impact. Its smooth and rounded form gives it the silhouette of a soft armless fouton, except that a sinuous and uneven base perimeter produces a look of melting material. The whimsical Sofa Outdoor Bench has an iconic appearance, an inviting familiarity and the suggestion of comfort that few park benches and patio chairs can boast.