Stitch and Wooly by Susanne Westphal Encourages People to Slow Down

 - Dec 26, 2011
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Stitch and Wooly are two very cozy chairs. Inspired by the "discovery of slowness," as the designer puts it, these two seats remind people to stop and take a moment to breath. Moreover, they force people to slow down by tempting them with a comfortable resting place as well as a never-ending project of arranging and rearranging the yarn that makes these seats so colorful and inviting.

Designed by Susanne Westphal, an artist based in Halle, Germany, the Stitch and Wooly chairs are left inherently unfinished for just this purpose. As Westphal observes, "Why do we have less time then ever before, although we invented time saving things?" Thanks to Stitch and Wooly, that might change. Westphal says, "The more time you give [Stitch and Wooly], the more they become comfortable and the more time you want to rest in them."