From Paper-Like Vases to Portable Vinyl Players

 - Mar 16, 2013
Shabby chic home decor is an approach to decorating one's home that's become more and more popular likely as a result of the popularity of DIY blogs and a return to vintage-inspired aesthetics.

Often offering a wider range of price points to consumers, this style is appealing due to how versatile and open to interpretation it tends to be. Shabby chic can be approached with a blast of color or a virtually hue-free home, the important thing is not it needs to look purposely imperfect. Appealing to those with slightly messier habits and an ability to look past potentially damaged items, shabby chic home decor is as versatile as it is eccentric.

If you're interested in bringing this style into your home, be sure to check out second hand stores, flea markets and other similar shopping spots to find truly one-of-a-kind goods.