Barely There Furnishes the Home with a 'Series of Subtleties'

 - Feb 18, 2013
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Clutter in the house often frustrates more than just the eyes, it generally gets in the way of your body as you attempt to move around and carry out tasks in various rooms. Barely There by Silvia Lim is a project that strives to find ways to make different decorative and utilitarian features of the modern living space blend in with the very walls that contain them.

This 'Series of Subtleties' begins to shroud fixtures slightly so that their presences are still felt but are kept from becoming overpowering. Flower pots and shelves are tucked into the skin of wall treatments, pockets are cut into elastic wallpaper and lights are wedged into crown molding. Barely There outfits the contemporary dwelling with necessities in a much softer way than we're used to seeing.