From Sleekly Streamlined Rocking Chairs to Stackable Bunk Beds

 - Jul 9, 2013
As apartment units are getting smaller and interior decors are getting more minimalist in style, contemporary children's furniture is also becoming extremely modern. Today's babies are sitting, sleeping and playing on seamless and streamlined Ikea-esque furniture, which can be described as simplistic and almost futuristic. The millennial mom's taste in home shopping is inevitably changing and so is the market for children's furniture.

We are seeing a lot more children's chairs made of just one material for a sleeker look. Chairs are no longer plastic or wooden on the seat with metal legs -- an entire seat is fluidly formed with one material, with its color often in unison, too.

We are also seeing a huge change in children's rocking chair designs. Traditional rocking chairs and rocking horses are being revamped into colorful, streamlined shapes of birds and even cups. Rather than intricate wooden details, we see very plain shapes.