The Chien Savant Desk is a Loyal Servant to Children's Studies

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: starck
For the many kids around the world who do not particularly enjoy homework, the Chien Savant Desk attempts to make the chore a little bit more appealing. Designed to function as a kid-friendly and compact study carrel, this object would ideally charm children into sitting down with their workbooks.

The endearing Philippe Starck product appears to have been molded from some sort of strong polymer material to take the form of an upward-facing dog. Its rear legs are bent, its front ones are straight, its nose is held high and its tail, erect. The stable footing is capable of supporting the additional weight of a small person. Sitting on the back of the Chien Savant Desk, young students benefit from a flat writing surface on the head, as well as the support of backrest tail.