The Rocking Animal Marks an Insectile Evolution from the Typical Horse

The 'rocking horse' might be the most recognizable type of children's oscillating seat, but there is no real need for the plaything to take an equine form. The Enko Rocking Animal sheds the familiar long nose, neck, tail and legs for a body that's shaped rather like a kidney bean.

Designers Mathieu Douadi and Nicolas Laghetti collaborated on this little domestic ride, creating a shape that still maintains an animated look. The curved form seems to embody a set of four little feet, a belly and a pair of ears or antennae at one end.

The Enko Rocking Animal sways back and forth over its rounded stomach while the sitting kid straddles its sunken center. The wood and plastic piece offers stability in its frame, as well as a place for the rider to hold on.