- Jan 29, 2015
These sustainable toy packaging examples range from flat-packed rocking horses to responsible kite kits. While traditional toy packaging can result in unwanted plastic pollution, these solutions will appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Standouts include Rock & Pebble's pop-up book product. The multi-functional toy's exterior packaging acts as an interactive element of a dollhouse that kids can customize and experiment with.

Another favorite from this list is the Unicef Teachbox, a charitable toy box that gives underprivileged kids a chance to participate in games and to create their own 3D toys. Much like folded origami, this packaging transforms into cardboard figurines of birds and other wild creatures that kids can interact with.

These examples of sustainable toy packaging encourage brands to take more responsibility when it comes to their products and the way that they are ultimately affecting our environment.

From Flat-Packed Rocking Horses to Responsible Kite Kits: