The Zoe B Organic Biodegradable Beach Toys for Green Babies

 - Feb 26, 2011   Updated: May 16 2011
References: zoeborganic & inhabitots
Green parents no longer have to worry about stray plastic buckets and shovels littering the shore with these Zoe B Organic biodegradable beach toys. The smart and colorful products are constructed from corn sugar bioplastics, and are made to decompose in natural soil and water environments.

These Zoe B Organic biodegradable beach toys represent the first in a shift towards greener sand novelties.

Implications - Businesses have been keeping tabs on consumers with a keen eye on mother nature. The movement towards an eco-conscious mentality have brought forth nature-friendly products. Whether it's biodegradable or recyclable material, there have been many inventive ways in selling environmentally items to consumers. Companies moving towards a green attitude improves repertoire and keeps costs down in terms of purchasing materials.