Building Caps Turn Used Plastic Bottles into Used Toys

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: & tuvie
Plastic bottle caps may not be fun to play with now, but they would be if Building Cap ever went from concept to reality. The design trio of Shengpeng Zhao, Chen Xu Shun Feng and Chao Gao submitted this conceptual bottle cap to the 2013 iF Concept Design Award. It takes something you would normally throw away and turns it into a toy.

Building Caps connect to one another horizontally and vertically and can be used to build all sorts of fun things. Turning the caps of bottled beverages into toys is a great way to cut down on waste as it turns an item that might have wound up in a landfill into a plaything. Building Caps are only a concept, but here's hoping that drink companies start making bottles more-eco friendly by introducing interactivity.