The Arbor Table Mimics Bare Wintertime Trees with a Transparent Canopy

 - Mar 12, 2013
Despite its industrial character, the Arbor Table has been inspired by nature, the way that many designs are. This particular piece was sculpted to emulate the exquisite structure of trees, a feature that is referenced in the very name of the object.

Jason Phillips spun the word Arbor, keeping the clustered tree arboretum in mind, as well as the garden furnishing of the covered walkway. A bush-shaped metal base plate anchors a number of stainless steel rods that rise up at tilted angles, narrowing and branching off into fine needle-like twigs. Each individual unit splays its boughs out in a circular arrangement, acting as a system of support for the collection of round glass surfaces that make up the Arbor Table's tabletop.