The Thin-K Table Spans a Significant Length with a Delicate Depth

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: & blog.2modern
It's hard to believe that you could create a functional coffee table that measures half of a centimeter in thickness, let alone a whole dining table. Nevertheless, the Kristalia Thin-K Table shows off with its nearly imperceptible depth of just 6 millimeters.

This incredible design feat is made possible through the use of anodized aluminum and steel materials, assembled with secured joints to achieve sufficient stiffness. The four legs are also cut to infinitesimal dimensions so that you might find you look past the piece of furniture entirely when you direct your gaze its way.

In addition to the fixed model of the Thin-K Table, Luciano Bertoncini also designed an extendable one. It's even more astounding that he could create the latter, considering the fineness of its structure.