The Panther Table by Maximilian Eicke is Streamlined and Lightfooted

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: & blog.leibal
The Panther Table by Maximilian Eicke is probably much unlike the concept one might imagine, based on the description of a metal kitchen table. It isn't bulky, harsh or substantially industrial in its appearance but rather exudes an elegance and a lightness that suits the contemporary home quite well.

The materials that enable this sleek silhouette and easy-to-lift quality are titanium, kevlar and carbon fiber. They sculpt the ultra-thin tabletop and the four pointed legs that fold into the eating surface. Simple to assemble, the piece is also effortless to shift around broad open plan interiors and it perfectly complements the aesthetic of minimalist decor. Clean lines and a keen black finish make the Panther Table by Maximilian Eicke an exquisite and functional accent for dining rooms and kitchens alike.